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By Autospec Autostyling

PPF & Tinting

Enhance your ride's sophistication and appeal with our top-of-the-line automotive window tinting services. Our professional-grade Paint Protection Film (PPF) is expertly designed to remain virtually undetectable and maintain your vehicle's original appearance. Forget about worrying over scratches, dings, or stains caused by daily use - our premium film will keep your car's paint looking like new. Choose our services and add a touch of mystery to your vehicle today.

  • UV Protection

    You don't need us to remind you about how harsh our Australian sun can be. Our skin can still suffer sun damage while in the car, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road. Tinting can substantially reduce the amount of UV rays transmitted through the glass.

  • Interior Preservation

    By blocking out heat and reducing glare, our tints help to prevent cracking, fading and warping of your dashboard, seats, and other surfaces

  • Increase Privacy

    By reducing the visibility of your vehicle's interior, our tints deter would-be thieves and protect your belongings

  • Improved Comfort

    Our tints reduce heat and glare, keeping your vehicle cooler and more comfortable, even on the hottest Australian days

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